AERO SURE Integrated Clean Room Solutions


Envair has developed a Clean room that excels in efficiency. How ? By developing Concept That fully supports the Critical process in the Clean room. That means striving for the best possible Solutions, excelling to meet the Regulations of tomorrow and by applying Technologies that ensures lowest power consumption in the Market. We continue to Come up with designs to make clean room easier and quicker for user. In Addition, our delivery and installation runs smoothly and without unduly disruption of business processes. Thanks to our Prefabrication in our facilities. Envair puts itself in the mind of Client.

Clean Room Confirmation Standards
  1. GMP System of World Health Organization /FDA / NASA
  2. JIS B 9920-89
  3. ISO / WD 14644-1 & 2
  4. NASA NHB 5340-2
  5. ISO /TC 2019
Solution Roadmap

Successful Clean Room can be made only through the carefully designed & quality benchmarked Engineering System.

This unique customer driven consulting, design and manufacturing methodology, pursues world class ISO 14644 quality standards, to enable highly productive clean room systems.

Clean Room Partitioning

Envair Clean Room Partitioning consists of factory built virgin steel wall sections with highly durable epoxy or polyurethane based paint, for easy cleaning and prevention of bacterial growth. They consist of sandwich panel units with high density polystyrene. These prefabricated systems facilitate quick installation, dismantling and shifting of clean room layouts, ensuring major savings of time over conventional brick & mortar methods. Partition system components include double walls, windows, and doors.

Clean Room Flooring & Wall Finishes

Envair’s epoxy flooring with mirror finish for pharmaceutical industries and seamless PVC anti static flooring for Electronic industries, have proved very economical for several Clean Rooms around the country. Raised floors are made to ensure cable access and heat control in computer installations. Antibacterial paints are used for wall finishes in pharmaceutical industries, while a variety of wall finishes are made available, for other industries.

Clean Room Ceiling Systems

Clean Room Ceiling Systems consist of an aluminium Tee to support powder coated aluminium tiles. Air Handling units and plenums are specifically designed to meet the highest standards. The heart of the filtration systems are specially designed filter boxes. Lighting and fire prevention systems are also well integrated.

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