AERO SURE Air Showers & Air Tunnels


Protect your process from dust and bacteria from garments and body of your operators entering the workplace. Recover precious particles from their garments when they leave the workplace. Reduce energy costs due to the barrier between cool and ambient areas.

ENVAIR AIR SHOWERS AND AIR TUNNELS are fully automatic, electrically operated units, that gives personnel high-velocity clean air wash before they enter controlled clean-air environments, Air interlock systems prevent controlled clean-air environments. Air interlock systems prevent contaminants from entering clean rooms, by containing them in the air shower pre and post filters.

Versatile ENVAIR AIR SHOWERS AND AIR TUNNELS possess a modular joinable design. This permits single or tunnel construction to perfectly meet the needs of small to large users. Different sizes and flexible models of entry and exit, afford both economy of space and compatibility with user environments.

Envair shower is thoroughly factory tested for the class of cleanliness, air flow, and other parameters. Corrosion resistant pre-treated stove enameled, CRCA MS, GD or SS sheets are used to ensure manufacturing quality that is built to last.


Doors CRCA MS, Aluminium or SS with glass or full glass
Flooring MS or with PVC Tiles
Prefilters HDPE Washable and reusable
Post filters HEPA with the filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particle size
0.3 microns (for class 100)  or with 97% efficiency for particles
Sizes up to and above 5 microns (for class 10,000)
Motor Blower Dynamically balanced, low noise and vibrations
Lighting Fluorescent tube lights
Supply 440V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Options Top mounted blower
SS / Aluminum grated flooring
Authorized Access control
HEPA Health indication
The static charge eliminating grid
UV tube
Electrical supply input; 230V AC, 1 phase,50Hz
MODELS Workspace
W x D x H (mm)
W x D x H (mm)
KAS-A-TE 800 X 900 X 2000 1700 X 1000 X 2140
KAS-A-SE 800 X 1750 X 2000 1700 X 2000 X 2140
KAS-A-DE 800 X 1900 X 2000 1700 X 2000 X 2140
KAS-B-TE 800 X 1900 X 2000 1700 X 2000 X 2140
KAS-B-SE 800 X 2750 X 2000 1700 X 3000 X 2140
KAS-C-DE 800 X 2900 X 2000 1700 X 3000 X 2140
KAS-C-TE 1400 X 1900 X 2000 2300 X 2000 X 2140
KAS-C-SE 1400 X 3150 X 2000 2300 X 3450 X 2140
KAS-C-DE 1400 X 3450 X 2000 2300 X 3450 X 2140
MODELS Workspace
W x D x H (mm)
W x D x H (mm)
4M 800 X 3900 X 2000 1700 X 4000 X 2140
6M 800 X 5900 X 2000 1700 X 6000 X 2140
8M 800 X 7900 X 2000 1700 X 8000 X 2140

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