AERO SURE Turnkey Modular OT Complex

Objectives of  Modular Operation Theatre
  1. To dilute the bacteria generation by the operating team and patient in the Operating room.
  2. To maintain positive pressure with respect to corridors and adjacent areas.
  3. To prevent less sterile air from neighboring rooms entering the Operating room.
  4. To create an air flow pattern that carries contaminated air away from the operating table.
  5. To maintain appropriate air changes i.e. Rate of ventilation in the O.R.
  6. To provide comfortable and sterile environment for the operating team and patient, with controlled temperature and humidity.
  7. To ensure proper ventilation, i.e. humidity and temperature control in the operating room for the comfort of surgical personnel and patients.
  8. To ensure maximum standard of safety.
  9. To prevent growth and transmission of micro-organisms.
  10. To allow flexibility.
  11. To minimize maintenance.
  12. To ensure functional separation of spaces.

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