HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are widely used to separate airborne particles or particulate air impurities down to 0.3 µm (i.e. viruses, germs, toxic dust).

HEPA filters are installed where the maximum of air cleanliness is demanded. This particulate filter is needed on the air intake side for the separation of suspended matters e.g. viruses, germs, toxic types of dust, aerosols etc.

These filters are also installed on the exhaust air side if pathogens, toxic or radioactive particles must be removed from the exhaust air.


W x Ht x D (mm)
at 25mm WGDP
EHF-001 305 X  305 X 150 100
EHF-002 610 X 305 X 150 250
EHF-003 610 X 610 X 150 500
EHF-004 915 X 610 X 150 750
EHF-005 610 X 305 X 300 500
EHF-006 610 X 610 X 300 1000
    • Filtering Media
      Micro glass fiber filter paper, pleated with Aluminium spacers used for separating consecutive pleats.
    • Frame
      Al. Anodised trays manufactured using CNC machine screwed together to form a rigid frame.
    • Adhesive 
      An epoxy-based adhesive used for the leak-proof joint between filter paper & frame.
    • Gaskets
      Sponge rubber gaskets provided for sealing of filter units mounting frame.

Recommended for operating efficiency of 99.97% down to particle size of 0.3 microns by DOP (Di-Octyl-Phthalate) test as IEST standard Pressure Drop – 25mm WG for 100% rated flow

Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature (max. 50 degree C) and Humidity up to 100% RH


Each single HEPA filter is individual performance tested according to the IEST standard.
The test-status is documented by the individual serial number.


Clean room filtration, process air, operation rooms, Laboratories, clean work benches & for supply and exhaust air .

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  • Custom built designs can be offered to suit specific needs.
  • Due to continued developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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