AERO SURE Bio-safety cabinet


EnWorld makes Bio-safety cabinets are compact in design, which allows them to be used as individual units. Noise is minimized by using the special type of air plenum. Vibrations reduced to the work surface by mounting motor blower assembly on springs. Metal construction processed through seven-tank phosphate system. Bio-safety workstations are provided with caster wheels for easy maneuverability and Also available in complete SS 304.

Protects Product, Personnel And Environment

Enworld Believes and Assures Safety is Primary Concern in Lab.

  • The Biosafety Cabinet provides protection to Environment, Personnel and Product . Recommended to be used when low to moderate risk microorganisms are to be handled.
  • Most widely used, -Biosafety Cabinets are class II,Type A & B.
    Class II-A type cabinets have Partial Exhaust (up to 30%).
    Class II-B type cabinets have 100% Exhaust.
    Class II-B cabinets  are recommended for large amount of toxic, volatile or radioactive substance is to be handled.


W x D x Ht (mm)
W x D x Ht (mm)
KCV-B-BIO-II A 1410 X 900 X 1990 1210 X 650 X 600
KCV-M-BIO-II A 1025 X 900 X 1990 885 X 650 X 600
KCV-C-BIO-II A 2020 X 900 X 1990 1820 X 650 X 600
KCV-B-BIO-II B 1400 X 1250 X 2075 1220 X 600 X 500
KCV-C-BIO-II B 2050 X 1250 X 2075 1830 X 600 X 500

Note: The Working Area is always under negative pressure.

Optional Accessories
  • Stainless Steel Table Top
  • Sink and Drain pipe
  • Supply and Exhaust
  • Manometer Damper
  • Air / Gas / Vacuum Cock
  • Due to continued development, specifications subject to change without prior notice.
  • Custom build designs can also be offered to suit specific needs.

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