AERO SURE Electrostatic Air Cleaners


In any working environment, particularly in commercial and industrial establishments, computer facilities, telephones exchanges, precision shops, suspended particulate matter like dust, pollen, smoke needs to be eliminated to ensure high-quality performance but both men and machines. The ENVAIR Electrostatic Air cleaner is the most effective solution to this problem as it provides clean air for all applications by recycling interior air while saving energy costs.

It purifies air efficiency without exhausting heated or cooled air.

The ENVAIR Electrostatic Air Cleaner works on the principle of electrostatic precipitation.

Operating System

  1. In the first stage, particles are drawn in the unit and areas are passed through a pre-filter made of high-density polyethylene. Large particles of size 15 microns to 20 microns are filtered here.
  2. The particles are given a positive high voltage, with the help of an ionizer and in built power pack. These charge particles are passed through the stack assembly consisting of a series of aluminum plates fixed at a close distance, alternately carrying positive and ground potentials. The positively charged particles while traveling through the stack, get repelled by the positively charged plates and are deposited on plates having zero potential and are separated from here.
  3. In the last stage, a post filter is used to achieve uniform flow. Thus, precipitation levels up to 0.1-micron particulate size can be achieved and clean air is released for re-circulation.


Overall Dimensions(mm) 550 X 500 X 1160 850 X 500 X 1160 850 X 500 X 1250
Air Handling Capacity 15m3/min 30m3/min 60m3/min
Power Consumption(W) approx 100W 200W 400W
Weight(kgs) approx 90 120 150
Input Voltage 230 VAC, 50Hz, 1 ph
Filtration Efficiency Avg efficiency 70-85% ASHRAE 52-76 spot method
Construction M.S.CRCA stove Enameled painted
Stack Assembly Aluminum treated for better efficiency
  • Custom built designs can be offered to suit specific needs.
  • Due to continued developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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