FURNI TECH Laboratory Workstations


We understand ESD and to ensure a truly static-free environment, our expertly crafted ESD industrial work table feature ground paths for key components of the workstation, as well as a connection point for personnel grounding. If you want safety and quality in creating a static-free workspace Envair work table are the best option.

ESD workstations are used in many blue chip companies in the number of market segments & variety of application such as assembly of electronic gadgets, instrumentation & communication controls, navigation system for air, rail, road traffic, measuring and quality control, system integration for entertainment, communication & computer application industry.


Modularity Customized & Standard solution as per Layout
Load Bearing Capacity 210-250 Kg ULD Electric Beltline- Raceway with switch and MCB
Base Frame Aluminum Extrusion with ESD Paint,  Drawer combination 3+3+6 ou, 1+3+6 ou, Height adjustable option, Storage cabinet on top or below table, Copper earthing connectivity.
Material for ESD feature implementation
  1. ESD Floor
  2. Vinyl Tile
  3. ESD Mat
  4. ESD floor paint
  5. Floor marking tapes
  6. ESD wall coating
  7. ESD WAX /Polish Bench top Blower
  8. Air Nozzles
  9. Room Ionization system
Table Tops
(sizes in mm)
Width – 570,800,1140,1200,1600,1710
Depth – 670,800,870
Drawer Units
Pedestals (1+3+6 Ou)
(sizes in mm)
Width -485
Depth 670,800,870 (Lh/Rh)
Mobile Drawer Unit
(sizes in mm)
Width 485
Depth – 670,800,870
Storage cabinets Width – 800,1200
Depth – 420,850 (Twin Type)
Height 750,1700

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