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AGS Transact Limited

AGS Transact Limited

AGS is a leading banking automation solutions provider in India. They are the second largest company in India in terms of number of ATMs managed, revenue from ATM managed services and number of ATMs provided with cash management services, and the fourth largest company in India in terms of revenue from cash management.

In one of their manufacturing unit, they were facing Static current & MCB tripping issue during working. It was too difficult to work smoothly in such environment. Many employees has complaining about difficulties faced during working on existing table. They want safe and neat & ergonomics working table. Company management was concern about good aesthetic + Ergonomic + ESD safe working.

We produced feasibility study and design to overcome their issue. Project compromised of

  1. Initially we have proposed design & layout for ESD safe lab workstation.
  2. We have provided them complete ESD lamination on table top and ESD paint onmetal parts.
  3. Second work level workstation for storage of components with perforated PU visibility divider for good aesthetic.
  4. 3U+3U+6U pedestal unit/ drawer unit with ESD Lamination.
  5. Electric belt unit consist of MCB + RJ 45 LAN + Switches + tube light
  6. Table top with copper foil, wrist band, Copper rod for earthing.
  7. Supply and Installation of ESD workstations up to customer satisfaction.
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