FURNI TECH Laboratory Fume Hoods


Fume Hoods are Designed to Capture and Exhaust Chemical, Hazardous or Toxic Fumes to Ensure the Safety.

Enworld always Believes and Assures Safety is the Primary Concern in the Lab.

Enworld make fume Hoods are Designed to provide Complete Solution for Laboratory Ventilation System to Protects User, Process and Product and available in Wide Range.

Types of Fume Hood

  1. Standard Fume Hood
  2. Bench Fume Hood
  3. Walk in Fume Hood
  4. Customized Fume Hood

Technical Specifications Of Laboratory Fume Hood

  1. Operating Width is Available from 750 to 2400 mm
  2. Working Cabinet Area Of Fume Hood is available in ( MOC ) 
    i) Poly Propylene    ii) SS-304    iii)  SS-316  iv ) GI / MS Powder Coating   v) Epoxy Coating   vi) FRP Coating
    vii) Phenolic Resin Laminations  viii ) Solid Surface ( Korean Top )
  3. Working Table Top is available in
    i) SS-304    ii) SS-316    iii) Granite
  4. Systems – Constant / Variable Air , Auto by Pass Air, Auxiliary Air.


  1. High –Low Level Extraction for Maximum Safety
  2. Aerodynamic Design
  3. Adjustable Back Baffle
  4. Easy Accessible Controls for Electric, Air, Water, Gas Services
  5. Fully illuminated Workplace
  6. Efficient Louvers and Bypasses
  7. Wide Choice of Sash Arrangements
  8. Side Panels open able for Maintenance
  9. Multiple Working Ports

Optional Accessories

  1. Sink SS-304 / 316 / PP / Ceramic
  2. Service Valves- Gas
  3. Airfoil
  4. Scaffolding – SS / Aluminum / Epoxy Rod
  5. Lighting- Fire Proof

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